Change Log

Change Log

26 September 2022 Update

  • Activation Code System: details explanation how activation code is granted
  • Wallet System: added detailed explanation about WEC reward point and bound point
  • Adoption Center: changed name from TEKKON Center
  • Doghouse: changed name from Inventory
  • Privacy Policy: added url link to TEKKON privacy policy page

1 October 2022 Update

  • Elements - Activity: Added new target infrastructure - Power Pole
  • Elements - Activity: "Inspection (Live Review)" functionality which went live
  • Reward System - "Inspection (Live Review)" functionality which went live
  • Wallet System - Player is now transfer WEC token to WEC Bound Point.
  • Terms of Service: added url link to TEKKON terms of service page

23 October 2022 Update

  • How to Start - Modified "Register for an account"
    • Activation Code is no longer needed to start TEKKON
  • Elements - Buddy Dog
    • Modified "Level Up" system - Added "Conversion Option", "Cooldown Skip Option"
    • Modified "Quality" system - Added "Level range", "Minimum Posting# for certain Level Ups"
    • Added "Conversion System" and Remove "Attribute system (Power and Chance)"
  • Reward System - Added target daily number for "Inspect"
  • Wallet System - Added certain limitation to WEC Reward Point transfer (to Crypto Wallet)

16 November 2022 Update

  • How to Start TEKKON app
    • Added "Referral Code" section
  • Wallet System - Crypto Wallet
    • Minimum requirement amount of WEC Reward Point conversion to WEC Token is changed to 10wec (from 1wec) to prevent cheating / exploiting TEKKON ecosystem.
  • Adoption Center
    • C2C buddy dog trading has been opened for every players. Rules and Details added.

28 November 2022 Update

  • Elements - Activity: added "Brightness warning feature" on Posting activity
  • Elements - Activity: added new action - "Location Registration Only(=Plotting)" as a part of "Posting"
  • Elements - Activity: added "User blocking functionality" on review screen
  • Item - added "Type of items" and "How many items can be used on a daily basis"

12 December 2022 Update

  • Elements - Buddy Dog - Minor revision regarding "Buddy dog" in cool down period can still conduct post, review and inspect.

11 January 2023 Update

  • Move "Adoption Center" and "Doghouse" under "Elements"
  • Added "Rental System" as coming soon under "Elements"
  • Elements - Activity - Infrastructure icon has numbers indicating remaining necessary posts
  • Elements - Activity - Players can't take infrastructure photos during 8:00pm through 4:00am
  • Elements - Activity - "Power Pole Posting" can be done by multiple players
  • Elements - Activity - Added new "Review functionality and mechanism"
  • Elements - Item - Hats/Caps can increase WEC Reward Point for "Location Registration" as well as "Inspect"
  • Reward - Changed WEC Reward Point earning system through "Posting"

27 January 2023 Update

  • Elements - Activity - Now players can check the which infrastructure the player posted, inspected or both by checking infrastructure icon
  • Elements - Added Expected Daily Earning Chart
  • Elements - Added details of Daycare/Rental functionality

21 March 2023 Update

  • Elements - Added User Rank and Badge system
  • Wallet System - Now users can see their daily WEC Reward Point to WEC Token conversion log at Point Convert Log