Change Log

Change Log

26 September 2022 Update

  • Activation Code System: details explanation how activation code is granted

  • Wallet System: added detailed explanation about WEC reward point and bound point

  • Adoption Center: changed name from TEKKON Center

  • Doghouse: changed name from Inventory

  • Privacy Policy: added url link to TEKKON privacy policy page

1 October 2022 Update

  • Elements - Activity: Added new target infrastructure - Power Pole

  • Elements - Activity: "Inspection (Live Review)" functionality which went live

  • Reward System - "Inspection (Live Review)" functionality which went live

  • Wallet System - Player is now transfer WEC token to WEC Bound Point.

  • Terms of Service: added url link to TEKKON terms of service page

23 October 2022 Update

  • How to Start - Modified "Register for an account"

    • Activation Code is no longer needed to start TEKKON

  • Elements - Buddy Dog

    • Modified "Level Up" system - Added "Conversion Option", "Cooldown Skip Option"

    • Modified "Quality" system - Added "Level range", "Minimum Posting# for certain Level Ups"

    • Added "Conversion System" and Remove "Attribute system (Power and Chance)"

  • Reward System - Added target daily number for "Inspect"

  • Wallet System - Added certain limitation to WEC Reward Point transfer (to Crypto Wallet)

16 November 2022 Update

  • How to Start TEKKON app

    • Added "Referral Code" section

  • Wallet System - Crypto Wallet

    • Minimum requirement amount of WEC Reward Point conversion to WEC Token is changed to 10wec (from 1wec) to prevent cheating / exploiting TEKKON ecosystem.

  • Adoption Center

    • C2C buddy dog trading has been opened for every players. Rules and Details added.

28 November 2022 Update

  • Elements - Activity: added "Brightness warning feature" on Posting activity

  • Elements - Activity: added new action - "Location Registration Only(=Plotting)" as a part of "Posting"

  • Elements - Activity: added "User blocking functionality" on review screen

  • Item - added "Type of items" and "How many items can be used on a daily basis"

12 December 2022 Update

  • Elements - Buddy Dog - Minor revision regarding "Buddy dog" in cool down period can still conduct post, review and inspect.

11 January 2023 Update

  • Move "Adoption Center" and "Doghouse" under "Elements"

  • Added "Rental System" as coming soon under "Elements"

  • Elements - Activity - Infrastructure icon has numbers indicating remaining necessary posts

  • Elements - Activity - Players can't take infrastructure photos during 8:00pm through 4:00am

  • Elements - Activity - "Power Pole Posting" can be done by multiple players

  • Elements - Activity - Added new "Review functionality and mechanism"

  • Elements - Item - Hats/Caps can increase WEC Reward Point for "Location Registration" as well as "Inspect"

  • Reward - Changed WEC Reward Point earning system through "Posting"

27 January 2023 Update

  • Elements - Activity - Now players can check the which infrastructure the player posted, inspected or both by checking infrastructure icon

  • Elements - Added Expected Daily Earning Chart

  • Elements - Added details of Daycare/Rental functionality

21 March 2023 Update

  • Elements - Added User Rank and Badge system

  • Wallet System - Now users can see their daily WEC Reward Point to WEC Token conversion log at Point Convert Log

13 May 2023 Update

We are updating "Earning Point Structure" and related contents will be updated accordingly.

  • Deleted the details of "WEC Earning Points" and this content will be updated soon.

  • Reward System will be updated.

  • A lot of contents will be updated within a few days...Sorry for the delay.

12 Jun 2023 Update

  • Added and aligned several contents based on current TEKKON app features.

30 Sep 2023 Update

  • Added Inu-Kami mode (イヌカミモード, only available in Tohoku Region and Nigata Pref in Japan)

  • Modified and revised several items.

28 Dec 2023 Update

  • Added Maximum Untility Score System

1 Jan 2024 Update

  • Added Inu-Kami mode Service End

30 Apr 2024 Update

  • Added Badge Upgrade

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